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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Mamavation Monday

I never know what to write on my Mamavation Monday posts. My life isn't very exciting. When I was training for the triathlon, I had lots to share and keep on track. This month is hard because there is so much going on. I really need to get my Wii Fit set up and use that during the Munchkin's nap time.

Maybe one day my life and house will be organized and I can do things without feeling guilty that I'm not taking care of the house. I struggle with a lot of guilt that I should be taking care of everyone else before I take care of myself. I know it's a Mom thing. When I win the lottery one day (positive thinking), I can have someone else organize everything and then not feel guilty.

In good news, I won an XBox console with a Kinect! Burger King was giving them away last month and I found there was a way to get free game codes. It was one of the last days of the giveaway and I won one. I'm so excited!!! Hopefully someone will get me the Dance or Your Shape video. They are on my Amazon wish list. Now I just need a PS 3 and I'll be all set with my gaming. Since I'm such a gamer *sarcasm*.

Happy Chanukah to all my MOTs! Enjoy your latkes and applesauce. Next year there will be sweet potato pancakes!


  1. Congrats on the awesome win! I hope you get some great games to help you out.

  2. That is a sweet win! Sweet Potato pancakes sound yummy. I also need to set my Wii fit up, I am just hoping for nap time to come. Good Luck organizing.

  3. That's an AWESOME win! I like using my Wii Fit, but prefer the EAS Active sets. I feel like I get a better workout that way. Either way, moving is the key - so put yourself first during nap time :)

    Sorry if I should know this, but how old is the munchkin? Mine love to immatate me when I'm doing the wii exercises :)